Items for that person in your life who’s looking to take the next step outside, or to venture, as Samwise Gamgee would say, “the farthest from home I’ve ever been.”

Gifts to Give the Outdoor Adventurer in Your Life
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Get geared up for off-the-grid adventure
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The urge to get out into the great outdoors is unquestionably more prevalent than ever, as a public eager to escape the myriad restrictions that have become the norm in a COVID-era world (thankfully) looks for stimulating outlets beyond the couch and screens that for too long were our norm.

Of course, oncoming cold may deter some casual explorers who’ve been enjoying their first forays into the wild, but that’s no reason to shut things down for the season. Instead, this winter presents outdoor enthusiasts with the opportunity to change up routines, step outside of comfort zones, and immerse into surroundings like never before.

After all, overflowing campgrounds and public lands have compelled more seasoned campers to turn their eyes toward the backcountry, a shift confirmed earlier this year by officials at Montana’s Glacier National Park, where permit requests flooded inboxes in record numbers.

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Venturing into off-the-grid camping territory, however, can be intimidating. Uncertainties surround whether you have the proper gear, whether you’ll be warm enough, dry enough, safe enough.

Let’s get started on quieting at least some of those concerns. Below is a handful of gift ideas to buy that person in your life—or yourself—who’s looking to take that next step outside, or to venture, as Samwise Gamgee would say, “the farthest from home I’ve ever been.”

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