Palm Springs boutique owner Kenya Knight has decorated a Southwest-themed Christmas tree that friends can’t stop Instagramming. Here’s how to get the look.

Guest Taking a Photo of a Christmas Tree
Thomas J. Story

Kenya Knight and her husband Taib Lofti own one of the most stylish homes in the California desert. So naturally Kenya does not take Christmas tree trimming lightly. While you could put up a hodgepodge of decorations accumulated over the years, consider taking a cue from Kenya and find three statement pieces that stand out and complement each other. While the botanicals aren’t native, their colors echo the desert hues—it’s maximalist minimalism at its finest. 

Baby’s Breath 

Kenya typically finds baby’s breath too fussy, but she saw its unique potential on a holiday tree. Threading sprigs throughout the boughs of the tree, the flowers echo white twinkle lights and are a sort of botanical snow. 

Desert Tree Topper

Thomas J. Story

Pampas Grass 

Kenya’s inspired use of billowy pampas grass as a tree topper might be our favorite holiday decorating hack in years. 

Citrus Circles 

Placing dehydrated navel oranges near twinkle lights adds a luminous natural glow to the tree. To make, preheat oven to 220°F. Slice citrus into 1⁄4-inch rounds, remove seeds, and bake from 2–3 hours, flipping every 45 minutes or so. Remove from oven before they begin to brown and let cool. Pierce a small hole near the peel using a knife or paper clip. Thread twine or ribbon through to hang on the tree. 

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