This week, we asked you what you’re doing to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, and you responded! Here’s what you’re all up to around the West.

Sunset Margarita
Annabelle Breakey

Craig Baker has clearly studied his history: “I recreate the Battle of Pueblo, using fries to symbolize Napoleon III’s French forces and guacamole to symbolize the forces of Ignacio Zaragoza….obviously.”

Jill Clardy is going classic: “I’m planning grilled shrimp tacos and margaritas made from scratch.”

From the “Good Timing” files, Marsha de Brestian reports that today will include “Taco Tuesday takeout and margaritas!”

Sarah Meyer-Paterson is having “Flatiron steak tacos with chimichurri sauce and cotija cheese.”

Marianne Pariseau LeSage is an imbiber after our own hearts: “Margaritas from an old Sunset recipe.” (We hope it’s this one!)

And we’re for sure inviting Bobbie Hartke to our next party because she thinks just like we do: “All of the above, and chips and salsa.”

Plus, Here Are Three of Our Must-Haves for Cinco de Mayo


Peden & Munk


We couldn’t pick just one (is there any such thing as bad guac?), so we made a list of several of our favorite recipes. Pro tip: Watch out for fake guacamole. Although, who are we kidding? Even the fake stuff’s pretty good.

Tequila-Based Cocktails

Blended, on the rocks, fruity, classic….we like them all. Here are some of the south-of-the-border sips we’ll be indulging in tonight.


We’ve rounded up several favorite taco variations here. Of course, here in the West we love a good fish taco, and, as we learned recently, you can actually make a tasty taco out of just about anything.

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