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This week, we asked you what you’re doing to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, and you responded! Here’s what you’re all up to around the West.

Sunset Staff  –  May 5, 2020

Craig Baker has clearly studied his history: “I recreate the Battle of Pueblo, using fries to symbolize Napoleon III’s French forces and guacamole to symbolize the forces of Ignacio Zaragoza….obviously.”

Jill Clardy is going classic: “I’m planning grilled shrimp tacos and margaritas made from scratch.”

From the “Good Timing” files, Marsha de Brestian reports that today will include “Taco Tuesday takeout and margaritas!”

Sarah Meyer-Paterson is having “Flatiron steak tacos with chimichurri sauce and cotija cheese.”

Marianne Pariseau LeSage is an imbiber after our own hearts: “Margaritas from an old Sunset recipe.” (We hope it’s this one!)

And we’re for sure inviting Bobbie Hartke to our next party because she thinks just like we do: “All of the above, and chips and salsa.”

Plus, Here Are Three of Our Must-Haves for Cinco de Mayo


Peden & Munk


We couldn’t pick just one (is there any such thing as bad guac?), so we made a list of several of our favorite recipes. Pro tip: Watch out for fake guacamole. Although, who are we kidding? Even the fake stuff’s pretty good.

Tequila-Based Cocktails

Blended, on the rocks, fruity, classic….we like them all. Here are some of the south-of-the-border sips we’ll be indulging in tonight.


We’ve rounded up several favorite taco variations here. Of course, here in the West we love a good fish taco, and, as we learned recently, you can actually make a tasty taco out of just about anything.

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