This week we asked YOU what West-based brands you want to show some love to––and you delivered.

Best of the West: From CBD Gumdrops to Garden Supplies, These Are the Brands We Support

We’re doing Best of the West a little differently this week: We asked you what West-based brands you want to show some love to. Here’s what you said:

Jacqueline Davis Bremer: My favorite West Coast bread is Raymond’s Sourdough in South San Francisco. You can buy directly from their bakery. My mouth is watering.

Jason Kajkowski: Simms Fishing. Best fishing products in the world. Headquartered and manufactured in Bozeman, MT.

Instagram/ @simmsfishing
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Renee LaPlante: My go-to shoe all year are my Rainbows. Dressed up or down. I bring in my older ones and they recycle to give to people in need. All started in Southern CA. 

Cyndi Adams: My favorite sausage on the West Coast is from Pig Wizard in Monterey, CA. Homemade sausage, porchetta, sides and all on the Coast Guard Pier. Can’t be better! Go here all made in house!

And now, from Team Sunset:

Matt Bean: An around-the-house shirt used to be a simple garment, maybe a well-worn relic from your collegiate days or a comfy sweater from a brewery visit. But these days, I need something that keeps me warm in the fluctuating spring weather—and adds a bit of waist-up elan to my Zoom conference calls. Lately, I’ve been leaning toward the Montana wool brand, DuckworthTheir Snowcrest shirt is made from the happiest of sheep, their merino wool naturally stink-proof and forgiving. It breathes with you, rather than against you like some layering pieces. And it’s 100 percent made in the United States. It feels good, in all kinds of ways.  

Jasmin Perez: It may seem a little frivolous, but beautiful linens have become more of a staple in my household since the shelter in place mandate––and luckily I have a closetful. My husband and I find that having CA-based Caravan’s fresh cloth napkins on our table makes dinner each night feel special––even if it’s just leftover chili. We’re also big fans of Oregon-based Son of Man’s Basque-style cider––it’s tangy, fizzy, and very Instagram-worthy.


Christine Bobbish: My pantry is full of impulsive, sometimes quirky, gets quickly pushed to the back of the shelf items––kind of like my closet!  To limit grocery store trips and downsize before my move to LA, I’m keen on consuming them right now. Roots Kitchen & Cannery’s Sour Plum & Sage Jam tops my pancakes-preferred eating ways of late. Definitely eyeing their Blueberry Lavender Jam for my LA pantry. The other jar I’m happy to empty is Bow Hill’s two-time Good Food Awards-winning Organic Pickled Heirloom Blueberries. Honestly, I’ll put pickled anything on my plate. Pickled berries are something I haven’t sampled before so I was psyched to add these to my chickpea and cilantro salad last night––I had to lighten it up after all of those pancakes earlier in the day! 

Mort Greenberg: I actually look forward to shaving because of San Francisco-based Pacific Shaving Co. Their citrus and caffeinated shaving creams, plus their aftershave, are the best I have ever used. I’ve been using their products for just over a year now and LOVE them.

Kathleen Craven: My husband and I have shopped locally for the past 20 years, and now more than ever we’re supporting local farmers who have lost so much of their food service. Star Route Farms are setting up boxes with deliveries all over the SF Bay area (Marin and Oakland included), plus many farmer’s market for $30 per box. We also built our own garden with help from Green Jeans Garden Supply. They were great over the phone and even offered curbside pickup. Lastly, Clover Sonoma is my go-to for all my dairy needs––and they are available in grocery stores across California.

Kathleen Craven

Hugh Garvey: My favorite indoor pants were designed to function outdoors, which ironically makes them all the better suited for the sorts of activities I find myself engaging in during lockdown/quarantine/social distancing. Let me rephrase that: during sitting down/gardening/fixing stuff around the house. Yes, there are more stylish and technical pants out there, but REI’s Co-Op Trailsmith Pants beat them all with rugged good looks and a friendly price point. Way roomier than office-ready slim denim, reinforced at the knees, and with tons of pockets equally suited for extra climbing chalk or external hard drives, these pants have been my go-to stay-at-home garb—and I can’t wait to actually take them out on the trail.

Kelly Facer: LA-based athleisure brand Montiel‘s pieces are comfortable enough for wearing around the house and stylish enough for running errands.

Kathleen Pratt: I love Lord Jone’s entire line but am particularly fond of their CBD gumdrops. The flavors are delicious and the CBD in all of their products is the highest quality. I’m also a sucker for their great branding and packaging. The entire experience, from presentation to consumption, feels like a luxurious indulgence––and they make for great gifts.

Instagram/ @thelordjones

Nicole Clausing: If I had to pick a last meal, it would probably be a dozen or so scoops of just about anything out of the Three Twins ice cream case. My wife and I have been known to drive an hour and a half round-trip for a scoop of Chocolate Orange Confetti, but luckily that’s not necessary anymore, as Three Twins is starting to be available in supermarkets all over the country. Pro tip: I’m normally all about the rich, chunky, chocolatey flavors, but Three Twins Lemon Cookie is one of the most sublimely yummy things I’ve ever tasted, with just the right balance of sweet, tart, and creamy.

Ed. Note: We’re a little afraid to tell Nicole, but Three Twins has just announced that they’re closing down operations. Run, don’t walk, to the supermarket and snatch up the last of the inventory!

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