Melissa Gayle

Add a sparkle to your holiday table with a centerpiece

Sunset  – September 10, 2004 | Updated February 6, 2019


*A can of silver spray paint

*A box of plastic caps for Christmas lights

*Six to eight strands of 18-inch-long grapevines

*5-gallon pot of variegated trailing ivy

* Florist’s wire

* Sharp scissors

*1 foot of 20-inch-wide silver flashing

*Roll of duct tape

*One set of battery-operated Christmas lights

*Three sprigs of white daylilies

*Four stems white dendrobium orchids

*Five white football chrysanthemums

*12 florist’s vials with pointed tips

In a well-ventilated place, lightly dust silver spray paint over the outside of the plastic caps and let dry thoroughly.

Making the centerpiece

Making the centerpiece
Making the centerpiece

1. Lay several vine strands together on a table. Place potted ivy in the middle of the vine strands, and wire the strands together at both ends. With scissors, cut flashing to fit the pot; wrap it around the pot and secure it with duct tape. Twist wire around the vine strands, from one end to the other, to hold them together and help secure them to the pot. Divide the ivy so that it roughly parallels the vine strands (the ivy and the vine strands should be about the same length).

2. Place caps on Christmas lights and weave them asymmetrically from one end of the arrangement to the other.

3. Insert flowers in water-filled vials and set them into the centerpiece, putting lilies in the middle and staggering chrysanthemums and orchids down each side. Hide the battery-operated control switch in the greenery where you can easily reach it.

NOTE: If not constructing the arrangement on your holiday table, make it on a cardboard base, so it can be transported easily and slipped into place later.

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