Easy & elegant wreaths

Sunset  – September 3, 2004

Here’s a great way to show off the beautiful red berries of the California pepper tree (Schinus molle). If you don’t have a tree, you may be able to find the berries at a florist’s or on-line at www.floralconcepts.com. A less pricey substitute is rose hips, eucalyptus pods, or pyracantha or holly berries.

TIME: Three hours

COST: $40 (plus about $100 to $150 for berries)


• One roll medium-gauge fishing line;
• 21-inch;
plastic-backed floral foam ring • 10 bunches California pepper berries (approximately 20 berry clusters per bunch);
• Spool of coated 22- or 24-gauge florist’s wire;
• 100 floral pins;
• 3 yards gold cord;
• One cluster gold faux berries;


1. Knot one end of fishing line onto the foam ring. Make small bouquets of California pepper berries, securing them with wire. Using floral pins, attach a bouquet to the front of the ring near the top, then pin down the stems. Next to this bouquet, attach additional bouquets to inside and outside edges of foam ring. Wrap the fishing line around foam and berry stems, pulling it tightly.

2. With one continuous strand of fishing line, repeat until the base is covered. Knot the fishing line several times at the top; cut off excess.

3. Tie gold cord around wreath, making a bow. Attach gold faux berry cluster to the center of the bow with wire or fishing line. Slip a piece of wire between the plastic back and foam ring to make a hanger.

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