Joanna Linberg

photos courtesy of Cisco Home

I'm currently on the hunt for a round library table and it reminded me of a conversation I had with furniture designer Cisco Pineda a few months ago. See what his one piece is and get a few more tips from the guy who brought us eco-sensitive sofas.

Joanna Linberg: What's a do-it-all furniture piece everyone should own?Cisco Pineda: I’m obsessed with small end tables. They’re perfect for when you have friends over and they need a place to put their drink and phone. I have one called Rotor. We make it out of the brake of a car with a metal frame and a little piece of glass on top.

JL: What advice do you have for pulling an eclectic furniture style togetherCP: Find pieces that appeal to you—maybe they remind you of your grandfather or you just love the shape. Then find the thread that will connect it in your home. It might be color. I have one common thread in my home: white. And then trust that you do have taste.

JL: Most common mistake people make when buying a sofa?CP: You cannot compromise on comfort. And color; if you pick the wrong color, you’ll be miserable.

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