Joanna Linberg

The past eight weeks have seen a lot of change at the Idea House. For starters, the roof came off in preparation for framing the second floor. The architect took the chance to raise the ceiling a little bit--you can see the difference in where the original fireplace ends in the photo below.

As they've started framing the second floor, some of the most exciting features are starting to take shape. In the photo above on the upper left is the barest beginnings of the rooftop deck.

And this gaping hole in the back of the house will soon frame a view of the kitchen, which--no spoilers--is going to be the home's huge surprise.

Back in California, I just got the chance to review Jonas and Megan's plans for the interiors. Three words, guys: Metal. Mesh. Wall. And that's all I can say.

If you want to keep up with the progress in real time, follow #sunsetideahouse2015 on Twitter and Instagram. Both Jonas and Megan are offering sneak peeks at their process.

photos courtesy of design platform and Carol Shih

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