No-fuss ideas for colorful outdoor lights

Flip-over pots
Little planters in bright hues, such as these Electric Flower Pots, make eye-grabbing candle stand Just turn them upside down, add a saucer, and top with a pillar candle. We love playing with color combinations and arranging them in zigzags on a table. Their stackable shapes make them a cinch to put away when you’re done. $3–$7 at the Home Depot, 800/388-4959.

Resin luminarias
Orchid pots have holes in the sides to help the plant’s roots breathe. Put a candle inside, and those same holes beam glowing polka dots to the table, garden, or pool deck. Made of translucent resin, these Crackpots add another layer of color and surprise. For easy cleaning and extra wind protection, place candles in small jars or votive holders. $16–$23 from BroCars International Trading, 800/966-1496.