Our February issue features the home garden of Brian Bell, guitarist of the ’90s band Weezer. I was freaking out about being in a rock …

Behind the Scenes: In a Rock Star’s Garden
Brian Bell is second from the right.

Photo courtesy of Art Gray
I was freaking out about being in a rock star’s garden, but Landscape Architect Mark Tessier assured me he was totally down to earth (subtext: Keep yourself together, Johanna.).

Which I totally did! We hung out in his garden for a while. He told me that he wrote a song for his fountain. (The man loves his tiled fountain.)


Photo courtesy of Art Gray
We strolled over to another part of the garden (not featured in the magazine), and started coaching him on his fruits and veggies. Mark and I taught him that the petals of his pineapple guava are edible. I plucked one off and he took it from my palm to his mouth (that’s basically like me feeding him, right?). By the way — they taste like sweet cabbage.  

I fed Brian Bell these edible flower petals.
Right before leaving, we had this exchange: Brian: Wait, so what’s this magazine called again? Me: Sunset. Brian: I’ve never heard of it. Me: That’s cool; my boss has never heard of Weezer. We got back in the car, and Mark and I belted out in perfect unison, “If you want to destroy my sweater….Whoaaaooooaaaaooooaaaaaaa……..”&nbsp[youtube ]
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