Translucent panels create a versatile indoor-outdoor room

“Every day when I come home, I’m excited to turn the key―I’m so glad I get to live here,” says Dylan Robertson. His favorite element of his home in Los Angeles’ Silverlake district is the versatile indoor-outdoor room at the rear. The sunny platform, which overlooks a colorful downward-sloping garden, is enclosed by a series of panels―two 5- by 10-foot panels on each side and two 10-foot square panels on the long wall―some of which hang off barn-door tracks, enabling them to slide open. Robertson uses the space for relaxing and entertaining.

The panels are composed of lightweight, translucent, uncorrugated fiberglass “with a beautiful opalescent quality,” explains designer Emily Jagoda. It provides privacy while bathing the room in golden light. The wall panels are framed in redwood. Marine varnish ensures that the redwood’s rich color will last.

“I love the doors open, and I love the doors closed,” Robertson explains. “Looking at the closed panels is like looking at an impressionist painting. What you see and how you see it changes throughout the day.” And when the panels are open, the space feels like a true outdoor room.

Design: Emily Jagoda Design, Los Angeles (323/664-4619)