Joanna Linberg

Thomas J. Story / Sunset Publishing

Small-space living means finding extra space wherever you can. In my case, that means putting my mattress on those old dorm-room style bed risers to make room for plastic bins beneath. I'm ready for an upgrade so I found five storage beds with lots of room to stash my stuff, and the modern styling I crave.

photos via Dwell Studio, Design Within Reach, Serena & Lily, Seed Furniture, and All Modern

1. Eight—count 'em—eight rolling drawers sit beneath this walnut stunner. The headboard is wall-mounted separately, so you can adjust it to the height you want. (Dwell Studio)

2. This is the bed featured in photographer Aya Brackett's bedroom, pictured above. I like the way the legs lift it off the floor so the bedding can hang over the drawers to hide them. (Design Within Reach)

3. It only comes in twin or full size, making it perfect for kids. The metal frame makes a lovely contrast to the rattan baskets (included). (Serena and Lily)

4. Hand-crafted in Los Angeles, this platform bed attaches cedar chests to the edge of the bed for easy access and a wider profile. (Seed Furniture)

5. The entire mattress of this upholstered headboard lifts to reveal storage--perfect for awkwardly-shaped items that won't fit in a drawer. (All Modern)


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