It’s hot out there, but don’t just huddle inside all day. Here are eight products that can turn even the smallest garden into an at-home water park.

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One of the things I dislike most about late summer is that it’s simply too hot for a lot of the activities I like to do, such as biking and hiking. As a result, I end up huddled in my house with the air conditioning on, waiting for it to cool off enough to use my garden. (Which happens to be around sunset when the mosquitos are out, sigh.)  

There is one possible solution—I could go to a water park. But at the risk of sounding cranky, I don’t love them. I have a perhaps irrational fear of stepping into warm puddles of dirty water, and seriously if I see a wet bandage that’s fallen off someone, well, I pretty much freak out.  

All of the above gave me an idea: What if I turned my own backyard into a water park? I’d be able to go outside, play like a little kid—and play with my actual kid. I wouldn’t have to fear puddles (or bandages), I could play my own music, and pretty much have the coolest time ever, even when the temperature is 90°. Which, I’m sad to say, it often is of late.  

Eager to see what’s out there, I hit the Internet and found so many great products that can help me achieve my late-summer dreams. I’m talking kiddie pools that are not just for kids, a unicorn of a sprinkler that’s actually shaped like a unicorn, and more. Even better, a lot of these items are on saleSo, if you’re as hot as I am and need a cool-down, read on and do what I’ll do—click Buy Now and bask in your own private water wonderland.  

Here’s What You’ll Need

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