Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery partners with homeowners to create modern kitchen suites that support a healthy lifestyle by integrating the latest in technology, aesthetics, and function.

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Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery experts can make your life easier with state-of-the-art appliances and lighting, like in this kitchen by Laura and Cliff Muller of Four Point Design and Build Inc. Photo by Amy Bartlam, for Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery.

Ask a person to define what wellness is, and they may fire off critical components such as a varied, wholesome diet, regular exercise, great medical care, or work/life balance. 

But what about innovative lighting that takes our sleep rhythms into account? Or ventilation that ensures clean air in the kitchen? Or smart, predictive appliances that keep a home safe? 

As our understanding of “healthy living” expands, our home design strategies are adapting to create an environment that supports this knowledge. The experts at Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery, our Sunset Idea House partner, are tuned into the latest research and ready to help homeowners make critical decisions for their kitchen, lighting, and bathroom design needs. 

Ferguson Pizza Oven

Amy Bartlam for Ferguson 
Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery

“New discoveries about the interconnectedness of home and holistic health become an inspiration for reflecting our desired state of wellness in our kitchen and bath design,” says Stefanie Stroud, whose title at Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery is category lighting specialist showrooms/builder for Southern California and Hawaii. 

Take, for example, Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery’s Human Centric Lighting—part of an industry trend that takes into account how artificial light stimulates the brain, in positive and negative ways, and how access to plentiful natural light can ensure a happier, healthier brain. 

“Science has shown that artificial light simulating changes in natural daylight can help stabilize our day/night biorhythms, boost our sense of well-being, and improve our health,” adds Stroud. “There are a few ways we can design lighting in a home to help achieve the same output from going outside.” 

And what about stress? Selecting state-of-the-art appliances that communicate with homeowners through Wi-Fi connections can offer serious peace of mind, and Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery experts understand how to make that happen “to make your life smarter, easier, greener, safer, and healthier,” particularly in the kitchen, says Stroud. 

Ferguson Wine Fridge

Amy Bartlam for Ferguson
Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery

The devices and appliances can communicate potential risks in real-time by transmitting an alert to the homeowner’s mobile device or shutting off an appliance or faucet that has been left on by mistake, preventing potential fires or flooding. 

“Additionally, as the home industry continues to evolve and expand, we can achieve an optimal, desired level of health and happiness using emerging home technology,” says Stroud. 

Stay tuned for more real-time updates from the Sunset Malibu Idea House, designed with input from the Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery experts, and the latest Monogram appliances

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