Built-in benches and buggy pine paneling give this Oregon condo a rustic, refined cabin vibe.

open kitchen hacker studio black butte ranch
Jeremy Bittermann

As Portland-based designers and architects, the team at Hacker Architects had the condos at Black Butte Ranch, an 1800 acre resort community in Sisters, Oregon, on their list of dream remodels.

“The condos have a very specific vernacular, kind of like Sea Ranch. They’re kind of quirky and ’70s, and face this amazing view of the Sisters Mountain. They’re ripe for redoing in the most beautiful way,” says Jennifer Fowler, the design principal at Hacker who led the team responsible for this streamlined, functional and inviting 3-bedroom condo. “It felt like a rare opportunity.”

condo exterior 70s style black butte ranch
The designers at Portland-based Hacker Studio were excited about the idea of updating one of the iconic 1970s-era condos at the beloved Black Butte Ranch.

Jeremy Bittermann

The owners, an American family living in Hong Kong, have been using the property primarily as a summer home since they purchased it in 2011. And they’d spent enough time in Black Butte to know exactly how they use the house, and what they needed from the design.

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For one, the closest Trader Joe’s is an hour’s drive away. So a functional kitchen with plenty of storage for food and supplies was a must.

“The original kitchen was dark and cramped,” says Fowler. “It was a galley enclosed by an enormous wall. Structurally, we took down the wall and opened up this huge volume. We had the freedom to make a sizable kitchen at that point. We built a huge island where the kids can eat and play and cook.”

black butte ranch open living area
“Functional goals” is how design principal Jennifer Fowler describes the brief her clients gave her for this Oregon condo. The fireplace is clad with Brazilian soapstone.

Jeremy Bittermann

The family has three kids, so they wanted space for everyone to be in the kitchen together, and materials that would hold up to the dirt and wear-and-tear of hard vacation living.

“We got bigger, hardier appliances. Then we made a series of open shelves in the kitchen and found these baskets open to airflow and they load it up with produce,” says Fowler. “It’s easily accessible, you can see what you have, and it stays fresh a little longer.

kitchen window view black butte ranch
For the owners, an American family living in Hong Kong, Black Butte Ranch is vacation heaven, and the colors of the central Oregon landscape inspired the minimal decor.

Jeremy Bittermann

The renovation’s design is a tribute to the original design concept, which was heavy on a nostalgic (i.e., outdated), vibrant mix of colors and textures like yellow and green, and the natural surroundings.

New built-in shelving and cabinetry is a prominent feature in nearly every room, minimizing the need for furniture and making efficient use of every space in the home with a relatively small footprint.

Built-in benches and buggy pine paneling give this Oregon condo a rustic, refined cabin vibe.

Jeremy Bittermann

“As designers, we try to connect first to landscape, what is the sense of place?” Fowler says. “Black Butte is one of the most beautiful places in Oregon, and we need to draw on that. What are the materials and colors that we can use that are reflective of that beautiful place, the geology of it? And the owner, she didn’t want any safe neutrals. It was a cool opportunity for us.”

built in storage kitchen condo black butte ranch
Grab-and-go baskets on exposed shelves make summer snacking a breeze. A caesarstone-top island is the center of the open kitchen. The floors are engineered, wide-plank European white oak, throughout.

Jeremy Bittermann

Benjamin Moore paint colors in cool green Parsley Snips, turquoise Boca Raton, and golden Leap of Faith all made appearances, with complimentary 2 x 8 tile by Tempest and Fireclay, in the bathrooms.

From the bathroom tiling to the Brazilian soapstone fireplace, each detail seeks to blend the retro spirit of the original interiors with a modern color palette that draws inspiration from the ranch’s beautiful natural setting.

Oregon condo black butte ranch views built in bench
The view is the star at this vacation condo on Oregon’s famed Black Butte Ranch, an 1,800 acre resort community in Sisters, Oregon.

Jeremy Bittermann

The real star of the show, however, is the “Blue and Buggy Pine,” which is original to the home, and repaired or replaced where it was needed.

“Blue and buggy pine is very interesting local wood,” says Fowler. “We didn’t even clear coat it. We just put it in in its natural state. Somehow, we were able to match the original pine. It just worked.”

terrazzo bathroom black butte ranch condo
Ann Sacks terrazzo slab tile gives the bathrooms a modern, functional edge.

Jeremy Bittermann

This project was a departure for the studio, that collaborated with the contracting firm Construction Management Services on this remodel. Hacker typically only takes on high-end residential projects built from the ground up.

“This wasn’t like that,” she says. “The condo is just elevated and thoughtful. When you walk in, you just see this incredible view. That’s what this is about. You’re inside, but you’re really at one with your surroundings.”