Creating a meditation space in your home can bring peace and tranquility. Here’s what you need to get started, with some tips from experts.

Meditation corner
Courtesy of Five Sense Collection

The cluttered corner of your house is old news. Spending day after day in our homes has made us, dare we say, borderline claustrophobic. But among the chaos, there is room for you. And it can start with one tiny, set-aside space: a meditation corner.

Like meditation, your corner does not have to be an all-encompassing moment—it doesn’t even need to be a carved-out corner, but rather just a safe place in your home.

“It doesn’t need to be fancy space but rather what you feel connected to: pictures of family, childhood memories, your favorite flower, herbs, or crystals,” says Tal Raviowntz, founder of DEN meditation in Studio City, California.

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For Suze Yalof Schwartz, CEO and founder of Unplug Meditation in Santa Monica, California, that space is actually in the comfort of her bed.

“A lot of people have a preconceived notion that they want to meditate in quiet space, to get away from their jobs and children,” Schwartz says. “My zen place was my bed, and with a sensitive sleeper next to me I put on an eye mask and plugged into our meditation app and pursued my practice.”

If you do want to create a dedicated corner, design it with yourself in mind. Kirscha Cramer, the founder of the Five Sense Collective wellness company that sits on a Malibu hillside overlooking the Pacific, urges you to ask yourself: “How do I define comfort?” Then use that definition to visualize texture and color. “Much like your home you want this corner to ignite your mind to connect you with your higher self,” Cramer says.

Though it may sound simple, the next step is to de-clutter. Make sure the space is organized, tidy, and clear.

Cramer urges people to “start small and not over-shop and clutter the corner with anything you can get your hands on.” You can bring warmth and comfort into the space by adding rugs, pillows, or scents through candles, incense, and herbs. Finally, bring it all together with items that highlight beauty in life, like pictures that represent your higher self or qualities you wish to strengthen. These can be items you’ve collected through your travels or simply a picture of yourself when you feel your best.

At Five Sense Collective, domes serve as communal spaces draped in tapestries with calming hues of beige, browns, and cream. The collective was designed to connect a community while activating all five senses—aimed at grounding visitors and bringing them into the present moment. The collective uses incense to ignite the sense of smell and sounds bowls for hearing. Every piece is handmade by local artisans like Maddie Reyes from Mad Ray ceramics.

Courtesy of Five Sense Collective

The goals of meditation differs from person to person. For Schwartz, the “best time to start the meditation process is when you don’t think you need it.”

Meditation “helps you stay calm in the chaos” and “stay focused with a clear head to be more present in your life,” Schwartz adds. The leap into meditation does not need to be a leap at all but rather a small stepping stone you approach in your own time.

“The biggest barrier is feeling like everything has to be grand but you can start with just two minutes of designated breathing,” Raviowntz says.

In the end, “our jobs may change, our relationships may change but you are the constant,” Raviowntz adds. “This is why it’s so important to dedicate space and time for you.”

To help you start creating your own meditation space, start with these essentials that will have you saying “aah-oo” and “ohhhm.”

How to Create Your Own Meditation Corner

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