Sunset-approved kitchen additions to make your furry friends feel like a part of the family.

dog and cat friendly kitchen

Thomas Story

It seems inevitable that three of the preoccupations that have kept people busy and sane at home over the last year—adopting pets, cooking, and re-decorating their houses—would eventually intersect in a perfect storm of a home design trend. The experts at Wren, a kitchen design firm based in England with factories throughout the United States, have locked into the zeitgeist by offering practical design solutions for building (you guessed it) the perfect pet-friendly kitchen.

While owning a pet might not be new to you, preparing three meals a day at home with dogs and cats under foot might be. Giving your pals a safe and comfortable spot to hang out in the most-used room in the house has become a priority for many people. A deep dive into pet-centric home improvements can turn up any number of genius ideas like built-in pocket gates, murphy beds, under-stair kennels and dedicated dog showers. But there are easier ways to create an organized and durable kitchen for every member of your family, even the ones with four legs. 

Create a Nook

pet friendly kitchen dog and cat

Courtesy of Wren

If you can spare the under-counter cabinet space, Wren designers suggest replacing storage space with a cut-out nook built to house a bed and a shelf to store bowls, treats, and extra food (away from household cleaners and chemicals that may be stored under the sink).  

Try Scratch-Resistant Flooring

pet friendly kitchen tile scratch free flooring

Courtesy of Wren

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Polished or softer wood is going to take a beating with claw marks. Wood floors with a low-sheen finish are more resistant to scratches, but the Wren designers suggest using tiles which are durable and easy to clean. Consider a dark grout like charcoal or block that doesn’t reveal stains or spills from wear and tear. Adding a rug for softness and warmth? Choose one that you can throw in the washing machine. 

Choose Easy-to-Clean Surfaces

pet friendly kitchen dog and cat

Thomas J. Story

Glossy paint on kitchen cabinets reveals scratches and scuff marks faster than satin finishes, which are washable with soap and water. 

If It’s out of the Kitchen, Still Keep It Cute

sunset february 1959 dog house blueprint

Sunset Magazine


In this vintage issue of Sunset from February 1959, we walk readers through how to build this stylish outdoor doghouse. Make one for your backyard so your pet has a nice spot to relax when guests are over and outside; then scale it down to make an indoor version that fits in a corner or against a bare wall.

Match Your Pet Accessories to Your Decor

When a quick kitchen remodel isn’t in the cards, a simpler way to make your kitchen a cozy and stylish place for your pet would be to find accessories—from terrazzo-print dog beds to A-frame pet houses—that coordinate with your home’s design aesthetic. Check out some of our picks for easy pet-friendly kitchen accessories below!

Large Wicker Basket Dog Bed

amish baskets kitchen pet bed

Courtesy of Amish Baskets

The hand-made charm of this Amish basket would look right at home in a coastal cottage kitchen.

Wicker Dog Bed, $125

Harry Barker Grain Sack Dog Bed

Courtesy of Pottery Barn

If you’ve got a bleached-oak, white marble kitchen vibe, a classic French striped dog bed will fit right in.

Sack Dog Bed, $169+

Terrazzo Rectangle Dog Bed

terrazo nordstrom dog bed

Courtesy of Nordstrom

Mid-century modern fans might love this terrazzo print bed, which also comes in lighter color ways.

Sack Dog Bed, $125+

Sliding Barn Door Pet Crate

sliding barn door pet crate wayfair

Courtesy of Wayfair

Every modern farmhouse kitchen needs one of these tiny pet stables.

Sliding Barn Door Pet Crate, $305

Modern Wooden Dog House

etsy modern dog house

Courtesy of Etsy

A-frame lovers get involved. This dog pyramid has real boho-chic potential.

Modern Dog House, $189+

Modern Dog House with Acrylic Door


Courtesy of Etsy

Minimalists who shudder at the site of a standard-issue kennel should consider this handmade option from Etsy.

Acrylic Door Dog House, $299+

Stallworth Dog Sofa with Cushion

dog sofa with cushion wayfair

Courtesy of Wayfair

For tropical bungalow energy, just add a few bold floral pillows to this rattan dog sofa.

Dog Sofa, $320

Kaylor Mid Century Modern Dog Sofa

Courtesy of Kaylor

A cozy spot to kick back and watch Animal Planet, this dog bed from Wayfair is a good fit for houses with boutique hotel dreams.

Dog Sofa, $320

Elevated Ceramic Tilt Food Bowl With Wood Holder

ceramic tilted pet food bowl

While you’re at it, upgrade the food bowls with this chic ceramic and wood option from Top Love Pets.

Ceramic Tilt Food Bowl, $33

Ceramic Food Bowl with Anti-Slip Bamboo Wood Stand

ceramic raised pet food bowls

Courtesy of Top Love Pets

Or this one in chic teal green.

Ceramic Food Bowl with Wood Stand, $35

Customizable Two Bowl Feeder with Storage

etsy two bowl pet feeder with storage

Courtesy of Etsy

Finally, this clever feeding and storage station is a great pre-made solution for stream-lining the clutter of pet gear.

Customizable Feeder, $325+