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Raised Garden Beds
Thomas J. Story

Raised beds might be the perfect way to garden. Install one in your yard and your produce is instantly elevated above many of the weeds and pests that might plague them on the ground. You can control the soil and easily monitor how much water your plants get, and if you build your boxes high enough, you might not even have to stoop to harvest your gain.

So how do you get started with these magic, tidy garden corrals? We know you’ve probably got questions because we did, too. In search of answers, we chatted with a bunch of our favorite gardeners from all over the West. We asked the dumb questions so you won’t have to, from deciding what to plant (and how to plant it) to what to do with the fruits of your harvest.

Starting in March, we’re sharing this knowledge in an eight-part, limited-run newsletter. Each week we’ll share a Q&A with a raised-bed gardening expert. Topics we’ll cover include how to get started, how to avoid many of the pitfalls that first-timers often fall into, how to make beds work in challenging urban environments, and more.

We hope you’ll come along on this gardening adventure with us. If you’ve ever thought about putting in some beds, let this be the spring you make it happen. Newsletters start dropping March 8, so sign up to be on the mailing list now!