Grow at home worry-free with these raised beds that are easy to assemble, and sleek in appearance.

Looking to expand your garden or test your green thumb and grow your own herbs? A raised bed kit is a great way to put together a small garden in as little as a few hours. There are so many different types of beds out there, it can be hard to find one suited to your needs.

If you’re not trying to get too down and dirty, consider an elevated bed at hip height so you don’t have to bend while watering. If you don’t want to have to put anything together, we’ve found some beds that come in one piece ready to add soil and plants. Check out the full list below, and read up on our tips for maintaining an edible garden.

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Demeter Metal Raised Bed

demeter metal raised bed

Courtesy of Demeter

This raised bed is made from coated steel and comes in blues and grays that will make your plants pop. It’s lightweight and is a great way to build a beautiful garden in a small space!

Demeter Metal Raised Bed, $100

EarthBox Ready-to-Grow-Kit

earthbox grow system

Courtesy of EarthBox

EarthBox gained major popularity in the beginning of the pandemic for their super user-friendly raised-bed kits. Beginner or not, you’ll be pleased with how simple Earthbox is to set up, maintain, and grow with. 

EarthBox Ready-to-Grow Kit, $75

Demeter Elevated Raised Bed

demeter elevated raised bed

Courtesy of Demeter

A raised bed that’s directly on the ground is a great option if you’re looking to dig into the earth directly. However, if you get something at waist level, it will make watering and harvesting easier on your body.

Demeter Elevated Raised Bed, $129

Farmstead Raised Garden Bed

farmstead raised bed

Courtesy of Farmstead

These beds are essentially what it would look like if you built your own beds yourself and you are a master carpenter. If you are not a master carpenter, you can buy two of these and stack them on top of each other for a tall, timeless-style bed. 

Farmstead Raised Garden Bed, $135

Williams Sonoma Gronomic Cedar Vertical Planter

This space-saving vertical planter allows you to grow an abundance of herbs and edible plants with minimal maintenance. It includes a drip-irrigation system that promotes plant health and conserves water by directing it straight to roots and reducing evaporation.

Gronomic Cedar Vertical Planter, $550

6 In 1 Modular Metal Raised Garden Bed Kit

Vego Garden raised bed planter

Courtesy of Vego Garden

When Vego Garden says 6-in-1, they are referring to the easy assembly and extra pieces that can change the configuration of your bed; a big bonus if you want to be able to take your beds apart during the winter to be stored inside. The oval design also eliminates sharp corners if you have little ones running around.

6-in-1 Modular Raised Garden Kit, $170

Veradek Corten Steel Garden Bed Planter

west elm Veradek raised bed planter

Courtesy of West Elm

West Elm makes the Veradek Corten Steel bed in a variety of sizes and shapes. With an L-shaped bed, a tall and narrow one, and this simple square, you can fit a bed in any outdoor nook. 

Corten Steel Garden Bed, $270