Raised beds don’t have to cost a fortune–you can build one yourself!

Weekend DIY: How to Build a Raised Bed
Photography: Tom Story
Raised beds can be a great solution for growing fruits, veggies, and herbs practically anywhere. Even in areas with poor soil, no soil (rooftops or paved backyards), or veggie-eating gophers, raised bed gardens can make it possible to grow your own. The beds offer good drainage, barriers against pests, and are easy to hook up to a drip irrigation system.  Plus, if you build it yourself, we guarantee you’ll earn some instant respect at your next dinner party. With dreams of turning the Sunset Test Garden into a mini backyard farm (beans, cucumbers, and tomatoes for days!), garden editor Johanna Silver and I made plans to build some raised beds of our own.  And, trust me, if the two of us can put this together in an afternoon—so can you!  Check out the video below and follow our step-by-step instructions.
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