Proud plant parents unite—today is the day to turn plant care into a plant party.

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Not that we need an official day to celebrate, but we’ll happily take the nudge if it means adding to our precious plant collection—today is National Houseplant Appreciation Day! In fact, you’ve worked hard to keep your plant pals alive and thriving, so let’s make this a celebration for you too! Besides, who doesn’t want to take a moment and bask in the glory that only indoor greenery can provide? From stylish swaps to turning plant care into self care, read on for all the ways we like to pump up our plants.


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1. Self-Care for Two

Put on a mud mask, turn on your favorite tunes and pour your favorite bevvy of choice—let’s turn plant care into self care with a revitalizing ritual for two (or 20 depending on how many plant pals you’ve got). By giving each plant a little extra attention and TLC, you’ll have happier- and healthier-looking greenery around the house. Carve out some extra time today, and each month to inspect every one of your plants for yellowing leaves, soil moisture, and any pesky pests that might have moved in. This is also a great time to clean off any dusty leaves by using a damp cloth to remove any particles or grime—not only will your plants look revived, you’ve just increased photosynthesis potential while limiting any hiding spots for pests and diseases.

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2. Lend an Ear

Singing and talking kindly to plants will not only aid in their wellbeing, but your own (how can you not crack a smile when chatting it up with some fronds). In fact, renowned Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto’s book, The Hidden Messages in Water, shares the influence of our thoughts, words and feelings on molecules of water and how that can positively impact the earth and our personal health. So turn on some music, tell them a few jokes, or take a moment to listen to their mood with Plantwave’s sonification device which measures biological changes within plants and then translates those waves into audible sounds. Everyone will be happier and healthier for it!

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Plantwave, $299

3. Spa Day… For Soil

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You are what you eat, and your plants need seasonal refueling and revitalization in the form of healthy soil and fertilizer supplementation. First, check all plants that might have outgrown their home or become rootbound. To successfully transplant, remove the plant from the current container loosening roots and leaving any old soil behind. In a new pot (preferably 2-4 inches larger in diameter), add a fresh potting mix that contains coco coir, perlite, or vermiculite for optimum drainage. Dress your pot with a power shot of compost, or a liquid fertilizer such as liquid kelp. Now you’ve officially set yourself (and your plant) up for glorious growing days ahead!

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MARPHYL Organic Hydroponics Liquid Plant Fertilizer, $15

4. Get Outside

If temperatures permit, take houseplants outside for a nature bath. Increased light levels and fresh air flow promote new, healthy growth. If there is a rain shower in the forecast, collect water in clean buckets or set a few choice plants outside for a nutrient-dense watering. Unlike tap water, rainwater does not contain salts, minerals, and treatment chemicals and is rich in nitrogen, necessary for the development of lush foliage. Nurturing nature with nature is always a win.

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5. Vessel Vamp-Up

We are firm believers in making small changes to refresh your living space, and by giving your plants a new home (or simply swapping out pots from room to room) you can instantly add color, texture, and try new trends in your space without a major overhaul. Want to lean into Pantone’s Color of the Year? Try blushy terracotta pots in a number of shapes and sizes that can sway either rustic or boho refined— we especially love this glazed number from Los Angeles-based Folia Collective that doubles down on the trends showcasing a dimensional checkerboard pattern. For a simple, yet stately pop of color, Momma Pots out of San Diego has a rainbow of options that will make even a succulent smile.

Creative Co-Op Planter

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Creative Co-Op Handmade Terra-cotta Planter, $42

6. Think Outside the Pot

Perhaps this is an opportunity to pass on the planter altogether and take on a plant craft. Try your hand at Kokedama, where the plant’s soil and root ball is wrapped in damp moss and secured with fishing line to create a beautiful botanical moment that can be placed in a brass dish, glass terrarium, or even hung by string. Similarly, plants such Staghorn Fern and Tillandsia can be mounted onto wood boards or hung from ceramic cradles, creating horticultural works of art. You don’t even need to buy a new plant to try these techniques, use what you have and you might just find it thriving in its reimagined home.

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7. Haute Hydration

Turn watering day into a wonderland with a sprinkling can that suits your (and your plants’) personality. If you can have a favorite coffee mug, why not indulge in some haute hydration tools to make chore time feel chic. We love a long-necked style for hard to reach perches, or for more refined refreshing a gorgeous faceted glass number, and for those who love to work smarter, this one also serves as a sprayer to help clean up leaves or add humidity while you work. Whether you’re giving your plants their weekly drink or doing your daily check-in on newly propagated stems, you have our full permission to grab a watering can so pretty that you won’t want to put it away.

Ulla Glass Watering Can

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Anthropologie Ulla Glass Watering Can, $36

8. Propagation Station

What better way to celebrate your plants (and the fact that you’ve kept them alive) than by creating even more plants to share with others! Propagation is easy, and while occasional houseplant pruning is a must, you might as well use these clippings and spread your botanical bliss with others. Consider this another opportunity to add to your tending tools, like these bonsai shears and propagation vessels that both keep tasks tidy.

Plant Propagation Station

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RENMXJ Plant Propagation Station, $13

9. Curate Your Collection

Guilty of rescuing more than one (ahem, dozens) of plants from the nursery? Take houseplant appreciation one step further by intentionally curating your collection—and we’re not talking about shoving them all into a bookshelf. Not only will grouping like-minded plants together aid in creating mini-biomes (small environmental bubbles that help maintain the right levels of humidity), it will also alleviate the workload by streamlining your care routine into areas with specific needs. Take this as an opportunity to infuse style into your home with a grouping of rad rattan planters, which showcase your plants while not making the room feel overly busy. Short on space? Even a stylish stool or small plant platform can elevate how you show off your greenery. Bonus points to try your hand at creating a moon garden, which will allow you to enjoy the beauty of plants well after sundown.

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10. Adopt Another One

I’m not sure there is a better way (or excuse) to truly show off your appreciation of houseplants other than adding to your growing posse. Do you need more? Yes. Should you get more? Absolutely. Take this as a sign to test your horticultural know-how or expand your greenery glossary by adding a new-to-you plant into the mix. Whether it’s getting your hands on the latest plant of the year, or enjoying the hunt for the perfect variegated leaf, allow the joy of plants to continue to inspire you as you celebrate today and beyond! Wait, how did two more end up in my cart?!

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