Good news: It’s easy to take care of!

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In the market for a new houseplant? You’re going to want a philodendron. has chosen the plant as its 2024 Plant of Year. With its variegated, glossy, heart-shaped leaves, it’s a lush-looking piece of foliage to have at home.

And the good news is it’s easy to take care of. Sunset editor Kristin Guy recommends placing the plant in bright and direct light, and making sure it’s in soil that’s a potting mix with perlite. For maintenance, Kristin says they love a good prune, so give them some love when you notice “straggly growth or yellowing leaves.” You really don’t need to water them that often, maybe once a week of fewer—if you notice the leaves drooping or the soil is dry, water them. Make sure to keep your philodendron out of reach from pets and children—they’re toxic if ingested.

Philodendron 2024 Plant of the Year

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Philodendron Birkin Plant, starts at $45

According to, philodendrons are a member of the Araceae (or Arum) family of plants, which includes peace lily, Swiss cheese plant, caladium, calla lily, pothos, and monstera. They’re tropical plants and native to the rainforests in the West Indies, Africa, Asia, South America, and Australia. There are many varieties of them, but says the common ones used as houseplants are the “blushing” philodendron, the multi-lobed philodendron pedantic, the thick, heart-shaped-leafed philodendron grazielae, the dark green-leafed philodendron Birkin, the metallic-looking philodendron silver sword, and the pink-and-green-leafed “pink princess” philodendron.

Birkin Philodendron 2024 Plant of the Year

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Philodendron Pink Princess Plant, $75
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“One of the very best features of the plant is its low-maintenance nature, which makes it a very popular choice for beginner houseplant aficionados,” says Alfred Palomares, vice president of merchandising at and Resident Plant Dad. “A successful, flourishing philodendron is so easy to grow that it can survive for many years with proper care. They’re considered an easy-care plant, provided they are in low or indirect light and are not over-watered. The only thing your plant may eventually need is re-potting, when you see the roots growing out of the bottom or it starts to become root bound.”

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