You’re not the only one who needs a visit to the spa—it’s your houseplants’ turn to get pampered.

Plan a Plant Spa Day and Level Up Your Houseplant Care
Nicole LaMotte

Have your plants seemed stressed lately? Exhausted, drained of joie de vivre—wilted, if you will? If so, then thank dieu for Léon & George’s L’Alchemie Botanique, a new line of houseplant care spays and potions, that, while made in Los Angeles, was inspired by parfumeries in the South of France.

Of course, the idea of giving your plant a spa day may sound a little, well, indulgent. And that’s because it is. But that’s part of the fun.

Here’s what’s on the spa menu for your favorite listless green friend:

Leaf Cleanse

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Your plant will rejoice when you treat it with L’Original, a black soap spray made with olive oil, potassium hydroxide, and lactobacillus ferment. The formula deters pests like scale and mealybugs and can help prevent gnat infestation. The lactobacillis has antimicrobial properties that fight against sooty mold, gray mold, powdery mildew, and fungal leaf spots.

To use, spray the leaves and wipe off the residue with a towel. A test run revealed that our fiddle leaf fig was in desperate need of cleaning. The towel came away dark brown, and dust impededs photosynthesis. Meanwhile, the leaves were left gorgously shiny. Is there such a thing as a good leaf day?

Léon & George’s plant care line, ‘L’Alchemie Botanique’, is inspired by parfumeries in the South of France.

Nicole LaMotte

Green Magic

To give your leaves a serum-like treatment, try Potion Magique. What’s so magique about it? A foliar feed made with deep sea phosphates helps plants capture and convert the sun’s energy. Vitamins B1 and B12, meanwile, will help your plant grow faster, taller, and stronger.

The feeder is scented with essential oil, so expect to inhale notes of neroli and cedarwood while you apply the treatment. Keep in mind that this elixir may just help your plants stop screaming at you, which is a bonus in and of itself.

Potion Magique can be blended in House of Botanicals watering cans, which include a built-in mister.

Jess Isaac

Botanical Boost

It wouldn’t be a spa day without some sort of Gwyneth Paltrow-y infusion. Léon & George’s Natural Plant Food includes deep sea phosphates, ocean-bed derived potassium salts, and activated urea. To use, dilute one dropper per liter of water, and water your plants as usual. We think your plants will feel even more pampered if you use a chic House of Botanicals watering can.

Plant Care, with a Soupçon of Self Care

At the end of your plant spa day, don’t be surprised to find you’ve reaped benefits, too. Wiping down our fiddle leaf fig was a mindful experience that seemed to give us a little dopamine boost. Meanwhile indoor plants have been shown to increase mood, so having one that’s regained its glow is a beautiful thing to behold.

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