This prefabricated tiny home is on sale for almost 25% off the listed price. You’ve got 45 days to KonMari your belongings and move in.

Allwood Estelle Tiny House on Sale

Apartment Therapy reports that this prefab tiny house, the Allwood Estelle 5, is on sale for almost $2,000 off its listed price of $8,299. That reduction brings the cost of this little wood dwelling to only $6,395—or less than a down payment on any four-walled rental structure you’ll likely find in the West, excepting your parents’ Lowe’s garden shed.

The manufacturer advises that this tiny house can be used as your home office, lake cottage, guest house, music studio, or yoga studio. And while this might look quite a bit like a shed to you, take a look at the floor plan.

Allwood Estelle Tiny Home Floor Plan


There are two whole rooms—and we know many a San Francisco resident who can’t say that about their studio apartment in the Mission. The rooms in the tiny house are 100 and 50 square feet, approximately. While the smaller one would probably be a storage room if you lived alone, you can make it a bathroom or an art room or your very own tiny sleeping nest. There’s even a cute little optional canopy roof extension for your bike, or maybe a tiny bench.

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Assembly takes 10 hours for two adults. You’ve put together your battered IKEA Hemnes dresser five times over five moves, right? That’s the amount of time Allwood is asking of you. We think you can do it.

Allwood Estelle 5, $6,395
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