Give your potted plants a makeover with some pastel paint.


Terra cotta is one of the cheapest pot options you will find at a garden shop. While we love their earthy desert palette, it’s certainly fun to customize those pots according to one’s own personal aesthetic. Jazz them up with a coat of color and pattern with these ideas from Rolling Greens. Keep your design relatively simple because the plant is still the main star.

You’ll need a clean pot, acrylic paint, a paint brush, masking tape, a pencil, and sturdy paper or cardboard for stencils. Start with a base color for the whole pot. Don’t forget to paint an inch or two inside the pot. Between colors, let the paint dry completely. Layer shapes and colors on top of the base to make a simple pattern. We used  pastel pinks and white to make the green succulents pop. Plant succulents with cactus mix and top with gravel.

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