Sure, candy is traditional at Easter…if you’re nine years old. Now that you’re grown, it’s time for some more mature party favors. Try a different kind of basket this year, one containing live succulents for your guests to take home. For this DIY project, you’ll need succulents, wire cutters, wood labels, peat pots, twine-wrapped wire, a permanent marker, and a hole punch. 

What kind of succulents should you use? It’s entirely up to you. The beauty of succulents is that they are fairly easy to care for, don’t require a lot of water, and are also easy to propagate, making them a good budget choice for this project.

Start this simple project by punching two holes on either side of the peat pot. Loop and secure the wire through the two diametrically opposing holes, creating a handle for the pot. The wire-based handle is designed to be pliable, meaning you should be able to put the handle down on either side, and be able to easily add materials to or remove them from the pot. 

Once you’re satisfied with the length of the handle, transfer the succulent and soil to the peat pot. Write the names of your guests on the wood labels before inserting them into the pot—you can even use these mini succulent baskets as placeholders to direct guests where to sit. Portable and plantable, these nifty pots are a creative Easter giveaway. Pair with a set of natural Easter eggs for a finished look—this is a situation where an earthy brown egg is the way to go.

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