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Wallphy Vintage Jouy Style Wallpaper
Courtesy of Wallphy/Etsy

If you pay attention to decorating and design trends (or are even just curious about them), you’re going to want to know about these emerging design motifs and styles. Etsy just released its 2023 decor trend report and there are some fun surprises. According to the global online marketplace, the 2023 trends are “rooted in tradition, but reimagined for today’s world.”

“This year in particular we are seeing that there is no longer a textbook definition for trends,” says Etsy Trend Expert Dayna Isom Johnson. “With trend cycles faster than ever, many shoppers are instead embracing the concept of duality and combining several—sometimes seemingly opposite—trends to showcase their personality in unique ways.” 

While some recent trends, like nature-inspired decor, have staying power and are still part of the design zeitgeist, Etsy found some new emerging trends that are about to have a moment, like “mermaidcore” and Parisian apartment style. Dayna is especially excited about the growing popularity of “mermaidcore,” adding, “What I love most about this ultra-whimsical and nostalgic trend is that it’s really up to the shopper to incorporate as much or as little as they like to create a space that’s authentically their own. Shoppers who aren’t fully ready to commit to the trend can start with smaller accents—like scallop-trimmed placemats or iridescent candle holders—while those who want to dive right in can make a splashy statement with shell-adorned mirrors or bubble-inspired lighting.”

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When doing research on the trends, Dayna also found an interesting tidbit: every 15 seconds, someone searches for handmade or vintage furniture on Etsy. The emphasis on shopping sustainably is welcome, but not really surprising, seeing that we’re also seeing the vintage trend take off in the fashion space as well. It’s definitely proof that people are paying attention to what they buy and where they buy from. “We’re also seeing shoppers buying in line with their values more than ever, whether that means shopping sustainably or supporting small businesses,” she says. “Those who opt for vintage pieces can feel good knowing that they’re breathing new life into an already existing product.”

Take a look at the 2023 decor trends below.

Dark Wood

Darker woods (like teak, walnut, and mahogany) are making a comeback, which is a change from the lighter-colored, Scandinavian-style woods we’ve been seeing take center stage in recent years. 

Etsy has seen a 337% increase in searches for walnut desk and accessories and a 28% increase in searches for brown seating or furniture. And interestingly, Etsy saw a 24% decrease in searches for Scandinavian decor; a 14% decrease in searches for raw or light wood; and a 29% decrease in searches for beige decor.

KONK Furniture Industrial Drawers

Courtesy of KONK Furniture/Etsy

KONK Furniture Industrial Drawers, $1,974
Cattails Woodwork Walnut Serving Board

Courtesy of Cattails Woodwork/Etsy

Cattails Woodwork Walnut Serving Board, $51

Parisian Interiors

Relaxed and refined, the Parisian aesthetic is always a vibe and a style to emulate. Dayna suggests sourcing classic, quality materials and charming antique and vintage finds to get this lived-in look.

Etsy has seen a 119% increase in searches for wall mirrors; 96% increase for marble sinks; 67% increase in searches for oil paintings; and a 44% increase in searches for ruffled duvet covers.

Le Louis Shop Old Chandelier

Courtesy of Le Louis Shop/Etsy

Le Louis Shop Old Chandelier with 5 Lights in Bronze, $446
WorldsArtwork Bronze Art Nouveau Table Mirror

Courtesy of WorldsArtwork/Etsy

WorldsArtWork Bronze Art Nouveau Table Mirror, $136


Move over cottagecore, it’s time for mermaidcore. The whimsical aesthetic includes ethereal under-the-sea-inspired motifs, like scalloped edges, shells, bubbles, pearls, seaglass, and iridescent accents.

Etsy has seen a 125% increase in searches on Etsy for scalloped runners; a 30% increase in searches for oyster shell ring dishes; a 24% increase in searches for mother of pearl trays; and a 22% increase in searches for bubble light fixtures or pendants.

NapkinsWorld Baby Blue Linen Tablemats with Scallop Edge

Courtesy of NapkinsWorld/Etsy

NapkinsWorld Baby Blue Linen Table Mats with Scallop Edges, $53
The Light Factory The Sunset 45 Chandelier

Courtesy of The Light Factory/Etsy

The Light Factory The Sunset 45 Chandelier, $2,599

Paper Lighting

This style, which Etsy says dates back to ancient China, is growing in popularity. Guess everyone is a fan of soft lighting and a warm glow right now!

Etsy has seen an 85% increase in searches for hanging paper lanterns; a 61% increase in searches for rice paper lighting; and a 24% increase in searches for paper floor lamps.

Nellianna Paper Wood Lamp Wave in Pastel Blue

Courtesy of nellianna/Etsy

Nellianna Paper and Wood Lamp Wave Pastel Blue, $173
KUTSUROGU Mushroom Table Lamp

Courtesy of KUTSUROGU/Etsy

KUTSUROGU Mushroom Style Table Lamp Shade, $65

Rugs with Personality

Shoppers want to add some interest to their floors with fun and vibrant rugs—like ‘70s-inspired shag rugs, Moroccan designs, and vintage Turkish rugs.

Etsy has seen a 401% increase in searches for handwoven rugs, a 62% increase in searches for custom rugs; a 55% increase in searches for colorful rugs, and a 49% increase in searches for wavy rugs.

BabaHandmadeRugs Vintage Pink Moroccan Rug

Courtesy of BabaHandmadeRugs/Etsy

BabaHandmadeRugs Vintage Pink Moroccan Rug, $525
Happytapis Vintage Tufted Kilim Rug

Courtesy of happytapis/Etsy

Happytapis Vintage Moroccan Tufted Kilim The Cubist Rug, $1,080

Jewelry for the Home

Decor can be considered a home’s “jewelry,” and Dayna sees a rise in popularity for glamorous and eye-catching decorative accents. Think gemstone knobs, interesting wall hooks, and even light-reflecting suncatchers.

Etsy has seen a 139% increase in searches for gemstone decor; a 50% increase in searches for suncatcher prisms; a 46% increase in searches for unique wall hooks; and a 13% increase in searches for brass kitchen hardware.

LuxHoldups Lucite Drawer Handles

Courtesy of LuxHoldups/Etsy

LuxHoldups Lucite Drawer Handles, $33
SolProano Blue Suncatcher

Courtesy of SolProano

SolProano Prisma Hanging #36 - Blue Suncatcher, $120

Vintage Patterns

Okay, so maybe cottagecore and coastal grandmother style aren’t completely over just yet. Old-school patterns, like toile, chintz, and vintage floral chintz, are seeing a resurgence in popularity. And these patterns are found not just on sofas and chairs, but are also showing up on other textiles, teacups, and wallpaper.

Etsy has seen an increase in 1,041% increase in searches for embroidered botanical items; 162% increase in searches for vintage wallpaper; 118% increase in searches for floral home decor; and a 32% increase in searches for toile art.

MomoChardoSTUDIO Chinoiserie Table Runner

Courtesy of MomoChardoSTUDIO/Etsy

MomoChardoSTUDIO Chinoiserie Table Runner, $42
Wallphy Vintage Jouy Style Wallpaper

Courtesy of Wallphy/Etsy

Wallphy Vintage Monochrome Landscape Wallpaper Peel-and-Stick Jouy Style Landscape Wall Mural, $15

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