These machine washable rugs take away the stress of spills and stains.

Ruggable washable rug people in living room with dog
Courtesy of Ruggable

Parents and pet owners, this is your time. At last, machine washable rugs are surging in popularity, meaning there are plenty of brands offering rugs that will easily clean after spills or stains.

Whether your toddler just knocked over paint or your dog had an accident, you’ll no longer have to worry about hauling your rug to a specialized dry cleaner, and instead, just stuff it right into your washing machine.

Jeneva Bell, founder and president of Ruggable, first thought of the idea for a machine-washable rug in 2009 after her dog, Bambi, accidentally ruined her new and expensive rug. Because the odor sunk deeply into the thick, structured core, she set out to create a rug that anyone could wash as easily as bedding or blankets.

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Ruggable’s system comes in two pieces. The lightweight, removable rug cover fits inside the washing machine, while the clingy, nonslip pad keeps the cover securely in place. This system allows you to wash the rug without worrying about the bottom grip piling or getting damaged from heat. When it’s time for a wash, you peel off the cover and throw it in the machine.

Ruggable washable rug

Courtesy of Ruggable

Since Ruggable led the charge on specializing in patented machine washable rugs, other companies like Well Woven and have made their own wide-ranging machine washable collections. Well Woven is known for its especially long runners, ranging from 10 to 50 feet long, and frequently updates its selection with thousands of patterns to choose from.

Machine washable rugs are great for anywhere inside the home. These function well as runners where you might normally have lots of foot traffic, leading to dirt and mud prints, or in children’s play rooms where spills and messes are all too frequent. We recommend using washable rugs in the bathroom to allow for easier deep cleaning and in the living room in case of spills during wine night.

For general care of your rugs, Well Woven recommends vacuuming every one to two weeks. “Be sure to set your vacuum height as high as it will go and to go slowly and gently, otherwise you can pull up and loosen the pile in your rug,” the team says. In addition to regular vacuuming, try rotating the rug every three to six months to “better distribute wear and exposure to sunlight,” Well Woven notes on its website.

Sunset has gathered some of our favorite machine washable rugs on the market. Check out our top picks below.

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