From chic area rug trim to chandeliers, add a touch of boho to any room with these stylish tassel ideas

11 Unexpected Ways to Decorate with Tassels

Fresh Shade

Add some major texture to your windows. A monochromatic look would pop against a large potted houseplant, too.

Boho Handles

A little flair goes a long way in a door-lined hallway.

Neutral Tones

Does your decor run more neutral in its palette? Natural-toned tassels make for a great accessory.

Bright Basket

Boring basket, no more.

Tuft Rug

Breathe new life into a simple rug with this DIY trim.

Wicker Upgrade

Provide an unexpected touch to a wicker chair.

Pillow Power

We love a fun and easy DIY, and this tasseled pillow checks both boxes.

Dangling Delight

Add a softer feel to the baby’s room with a tasseled mobile.

Soft Chandelier

This light piece goes boho with cascading wraparound tassels.

Classic Hanging

Make a statement with a tassel wall piece, whether it’s a single color, ombré, or every shade of the rainbow.

Go Grand

Make an even bigger statement—literally—with this chunky wool roving DIY tassel.