A western home celebrates all that we hold dear in the West: a view of the beautiful landscape, using natural materials and honoring the spirit of colors and textures we see around us. Of course, not all Western-styled homes look alike, but many share similar qualities and design style. Here are some stunning examples of homes that celebrate the equally stunning American West from Porch.

Photo credit: B&B Builders; Jackson, WyomingThis western styled bedroom, with an incredible view of the mountains and open sky, feels cozy and warm despite the massive stone fireplace and high ceilings. The Native American styled bedding, leather armchair and rugged wood lend texture help keep this bedroom cozy during the winter months.

Photo credit: Interior Analysis; Mount Tremper, NY A Western home doesn’t have to say “no” to modern touches. This home mixes a custom, modern sofa right next to an old fashioned stove. Elements of nature are everywhere, from the branch stool to the river rock hearth; this home embraces the spirit of the West and makes it work with eclectic touches.

Photo credit: B&B Builders; Jackson, WyomingThis dining room incorporates many of the must-have features of a Western-themed room like the teepee sconces, Native American rug, and animal décor. Add the textures of animal hide and natural log walls, and you have an elegant and comfortable place to dine.

Photo credit: Timothy F. Wright; Basalt, ColoradoLiving in the West means being prepared for all seasons. This home shows that functionality can be beautiful, especially if you stick to raw materials. The stone used on the bottom of the façade is perfect for high snows that drift next to the home. The wood planking, grayed naturally, has a warm and durable appearance. The corrugated metal roof, untreated so that rust forms naturally, was built at a steep pitch to allow for snow run off.

Photo credit: B&B Builders; Idaho Falls, Wyoming

A massive stone fireplace is a sure sign you’re living in a Western-style home. The large size of this fireplace is well-balanced with the double-height ceiling, wide hearth, and sturdy mantel. Natural light filters through the oversized windows, taking advantage of the Western beauty outside.

Photo credit: B&B Builders; Victor, Idaho

 This stone fireplace highlights the outdoor life of these homeowners. Taxidermy over the mantle, along with a fishing rod and basket, are warmed up with small, amber lamps. The large antler chandelier is the perfect scale for this space, and overstuffed furniture encourages guests to relax by the fireplace.

Photo credit: B&B Builders; Idaho Falls, WyomingThis gleaming new stove and oven are given the Western treatment with a custom backsplash and hood, replete with nature scenes like pine trees and elk. The warm metals blend well with the honey-toned wood used throughout the kitchen.

Photo credit: B&B Builders; Victor, IdahoNothing says “Western” like a portrait of Clint Eastwood from The Good, The Bad and the Ugly. This Western-themed game room also features a saddle, bleached steer head, and repurposed rain barrel chairs.

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