As homeowners look for beautiful and safe ways to update their fixtures, copper is more popular than ever.

From Pipes and Pennies to Your Kitchen and Bath: Copper Is Coming in Hot
Courtesy of Middleton Lodge
For details about this William Holland Rotundas tub, and showrooms in the U.S., check out check out the William Holland site.

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You can trace the use of copper to store and transport water back to ancient Egypt, roughly 2500 B.C. For thousands of years, we’ve known that the metal is durable, easy to work with, and has anti-microbial properties. Copper cisterns and pipes kept people from getting sick. It’s a “living surface” that repels and kills bacteria, and contemporary studies have confirmed that copper, when used to coat metal hospital bed frames, or handrails in theme parks and public places, can reduce the spread of infectious diseases.

Now that we’re all savvy amateur epidemiologists, it’s no wonder the demand for copper kitchen and bath fixtures, including sinks and tubs, has increased over the last year. Copper faucet handles and tubs can stay cleaner for longer. The fact that they’re also beautiful to look at, and a less-familiar alternative to trendy brass, is just a bonus.

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“Warm gold finishes have been trending for a while,” says Nicole Levy, a marketing manager at Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting gallery, “Copper has risen in popularity because of its inherent qualities, as a strong but malleable raw material and living finish that will patina over time. It also aids in the destruction of bacteria. For homeowners who have an increased concern for hygiene in the home, this is a plus.”

A copper sink mixes well with warm brass in a kitchen corner.

A walk-in pantry with copper details has old-world charm.

For details about this William Holland Rotundas tub, and showrooms in the U.S., check out the William Holland site.

Middleton Lodge

While copper is not inexpensive, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime splurge that’s worth considering. These are some of our favorite copper pieces.