‘Tis the season for pumpkins, ghosts, and macabre-looking details.

Crate and Barrel Halloween
Courtesy of Crate & Barrel

When October rolls around, the immediate urge to fill your house with fake cobwebs and spiders, pumpkins, and skeletons can feel very real. You can go the DIY route, carving some unique-looking pumpkins, wrapping your door so it looks like a mummy, cutting out some paper bats, and draping your windows with cotton webs. It can all look very charming and is a fun activity to do with family or roommates. Turn it into a little decorating party, complete with the best fall snacks and drinks and a Halloween movie playing in the background.

But if you’re short on time, not exactly the crafty type, or want a different kind of aesthetic for your Halloween decorations, like Ina Garten says, “Store-bought is fine.” And fortunately, you’ve got a lot of options if you go that route. Decorations can run the gamut from being elegant and artful to cozy and traditional. I’m talking faux pumpkins with unique details, sculptural wreaths, candleholders you won’t mind putting out year-round, and trinkets that look like they came straight out of a cabinet of curiosities. Whatever you choose, there is something for every design taste so the Halloween decor won’t really stick out like a sore thumb among your other everyday decor—it will just give your a space a seasonal look. And the best part? You can pack everything away on Nov. 1 and reuse it all over again for years to come. I can get behind that decor investment.

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