These smart ideas won’t cost much, either.

The Easiest Ways to Make Your Bookshelves Not Boring
Thomas J. Story

A bookshelf is a prime opportunity for an intriguing design moment. Sure, its main use is to store your books, but some easy design tricks can actually make the piece an eye-catching part of any room. Even in small spaces you’d probably have a bookshelf or a couple of shelves—getting creative with the look of it can be a chance to add some more of your personality and personal aesthetic to your home without wasting any precious square footage since you can consider it a multitasking piece.

Have an old or plain bookcase and aren’t afraid of DIY projects? You can give it a fresh coat of paint or wallpaper the back of the shelves. Add some decor objects to your shelves like small vases or trinkets—sometimes you don’t even have to buy new stuff, but rather “shop” your space and see if there’s any decorative pieces from your living space or bedroom that you’d want to move around. If you’re brave enough to organize your books by color (it can be a controversial decor decision), then the ROYGBIV look makes for a happy design choice. There are just so many ways you can play with how you style your shelves—and since many of these decorating hacks can be low-effort, you can also reinvent your shelves if you get sick of it later.

Take a Look at Some Bookshelf Inspiration Below

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