These are the best options for getting your space in order.

Ikea Bedroom
Courtesy of IKEA

I can get lost in a lot of stores. Target? Can spend hours going up and down the aisles and I’ll always come out with a cart full of stuff. If my local Trader Joe’s is fairly empty (and that’s a rare sight), I will gladly look at all the products and read the labels. Heck, I can spend a decent amount of time even at CVS!

Another favorite spot of mine for exploring? IKEA’s Marketplace. Sure, IKEA can have an overwhelming energy at times, but I find that feeling is mostly reserved for the showroom floor, where people are wandering about debating the merits of this sofa or that sofa. No, the Marketplace has a different energy to me. You’ll find the basics like flatware or glassware, but then you’ll also find plenty of gadgets and gizmos to organize, decorate, and just make your home more functional in general. And all at IKEA prices to boot.

Lately, I’ve been in an organizing mood, so I’ve been browsing the Marketplace for some affordable options to control the mess in my home. If you’re in the market for the same thing, I’ve corralled some of the smartest organization finds that you can shop for online or in-store—and they’re all under $20. Take a look below.

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