Add a little zing, and a shot of contemporary color, to the smallest, hardest working room in the house.

kast concrete sink handsome salt beach house

Courtesy of Handsome Salt

What’s the one room in any house where you’re guaranteed to have your guest’s undivided attention? A small, quiet space where they can collect their thoughts and admire your genius design ideas in a moment of peace and solitude, free from distraction? It’s your powder room, naturally.

“I love a powder room statement because you don’t have to match the house,” says Raili Clasen, the Orange County based designer who put this blue-gray blue sink with a yellow Vola faucet (below) in a Laguna Beach cottage. “It’s like when you go into a cool restaurant bathroom in New York that’s well designed. It can be a moment, kind of far-fetched.”

Raili Clasen Laguna Beach concrete sink powder room
A tiny, blue concrete sink with an electric yellow faucet by Vola turns this closet-sized powder room by Raili Clasen into a design destination.

Ryan Garvin

Creative home owners and designers are embracing the opportunity to turn the snug, utilitarian space into a place to tinker with big ideas—like statement tile, splashy wallpaper, and—more recently—sinks made of poured concrete tinted in a rainbow of colors. The best part about these statement sinks, whether they’re wall-mounted or vessels that sit on a small countertop, is that they make an impression with a small footprint.

colorful sink susie novak interiors
Oakland-based Susie Novak designed this Bay Area powder room with statement-making wallpaper and a blue concrete sink. The brass industrial-looking faucet is the finishing touch.

Thai Chu

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“These sinks make a great impact in a tiny space. They’re practical, functional, and very cool,” says Handsome Salt designer Sara Simon, who installed a peachy-terracotta sink in a beach house near San Diego. “It’s the perfect size for a powder room, and a very easy way to add color and texture. Spice it up with some wallpaper and a cool light.”

Kast Concrete, based in the United Kingdom but available in the United States through specialty plumbing showrooms, is an innovator in the tinted, molded concrete category, offering customizable shapes and sizes to suit any palette. The brand offers 28 shades, from bold blue to soft pink.

Nood, an Australian brand, is all about smooth curves and earthy shades, and its VOC-free basins are available to ship to the U.S. Looking for something closer to home? Concretti, designed and made in Las Vegas, offers surprisingly affordable designs that are available direct from the brand or on Etsy.

“You can have a lot of fun in that tiny space,” adds Clasen. And we’re going to assume she’s still talking about design.