I love the idea of vertical gardening. What I find a little daunting, however, is the reality of vertical gardening. I don't care how ama...
Planter, Planter, on the Wall
City Planter by Potted

City Planter by Potted

I love the idea of vertical gardening. What I find a little daunting, however, is the reality of vertical gardening. I don’t care how amazing the wall is or who designed it: They are expensive, hard to care for, and often look half dead.

This is exactly why I love wall planters.

Woolly Pockets in a restaurant patio

Woolly Pockets were the first of their kind.  Love or hate ’em, they were the first planters to make vertical gardening accessible to everyone. (I personally think they are great!) The photo above shows their evolution to plastic, making them more affordable.  I prefer the originals, but options are always good.

Gaia Wall Planter

This Gaia Planter by Campo de Fiori shows an entirely different style for wall planters. We always dress her up with some type of flower-like plant—here we’ve used a Cryptanthus—to make it look like she has a flower behind her ear.

Succulent wall planter

These succulent wall planters are made by a California company who created an easy-to-plant system that gives everyone a good shot at making a living work of art. We have them in several designs, plus numbers and letters. Absolutely love these.

Tentacle planters

These Tentacle beauties are crazy cool. When I first saw them in JJ De Souza‘s garden in Portland, I was so jealous I couldn’t stand it.

The day after I got home from that trip, the artist was in our store asking if we’d carry them. Imagine my surprise. Of course, I said yes.

Hedge Mini Pendant (Photo by Stella Kalinina)

These mini pendants were just designed by Hedge Outdoor with a Kickstarter campaign. I can’t wait to put a pair in my bathroom. The graphic geometry is really compelling.

Garden Tote (Photo by Wendy Andringa)

These garden totes by Liz Pulver Design in Brooklyn are another great example of creativity in design.  You can put them on a counter or hang them. How cool would it be to have your herbs just hanging there, ready to use, right over your sink?

Airplantman Frame (photo by Art Gray)

But let’s not forget about air plants. (I did a whole post about these for Halloween.) Josh Rosen (aka The Airplantman) has created these amazing frames that make displaying and caring for your air plants a cinch. Just take the frame off the wall and soak it for an hour or so.

White City Planter (photo by Thomas J. Story)

We designed our City Planters as outdoor wall art, making the planting boxes big enough to create an interesting pattern yet small enough to be manageable for even the most novice gardener.

So, go ahead. Try your hand at vertical gardening with one of these wall planters. You’ll have fun and you’ll have a great piece of wall art that you helped create.

Annette Gutierrez gave up the glamorous life of being a screenwriter to start an outdoor lifestyle store in Los Angeles with her best friend Mary Gray. It’s called Potted

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