photography by Linda Lamb Peters


Making these miniature landscapes is easier than it looks. Follow our step-by-step instructions for the ultimate Christmas ornaments.


Step One: 

Place the glass orb on top of an empty pot so it doesn't wobble around while you work. Using a small spoon, layer the following in the glass orb: a few scoops of horticultural charcoal (bottom layer), a few spoonfuls of potting soil (middle layer), and finally, a layer of black horticultural sand (top layer). If you're not planning on keeping your terrariums past Christmas, or you're not using succulents you'd like to root in the soil, skip the charcoal and potting soil and just use the black sand.

Step Two:  

Start with your largest succulent and snuggle it into the sand with your fingers.


To get a taller succulent to stand up-right before it's rooted, wire the base of the succulent to a small pebble.

Step Three:  

Use chopsticks to tuck in delicate sedums, reindeer moss, and air plants. Add tiny pebbles, pinecones, or figurines to create a miniature scene.

Step Four:  

Wire your terrariums to branches of your Christmas tree, ideally on a side where they'll get some natural sunlight. Mist once or twice a week.



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