Gear up for pruning season with these four indispensable aids

Julie Chai,  – November 29, 2005

Synthetic suede gloves protect hands and forearms while you’re pruning thorny roses. Unlike their leather cousins, they’re lightweight and flexible. $30. or 800/475-0567.

A canvas gardening belt comes equipped with plenty of pockets and loops for hand tools, and it’s available in several patterns and colors. Dry cleaning recommended. $65. or 877/422-5304.

PowerGear Bypass Loppers are lightweight and capable of pruning limbs up to 11/2 inches in diameter―like a hot knife through butter. Available in three sizes; medium ($36) is pictured. or 800/500-4849.

Shea butter hand cream, an ultra-rich formula, comes in four scents and pampers hardworking hands without being greasy. $15 for a 4-oz. jar. or 877/389-9898.