I'm super proud to announce that the Edible in Containers class I filmed with the supremely talented team at Garden Tribe is now live.  Enter SUNSET10 at checkout for a 10% discount through the month of March.

The class is over an hour long, and covers everything (really truly everything) you need to create an edible container gardening that's thriving and stylish (c'mon, we're Sunset). You'll learn about container and crop selection, planting and harvesting techniques, and even pest management (you get to see me smash aphids with my bare hands). In addition, I cover how to grow several different herb gardens, a salad garden, and of course—how to make a tomato happy in a pot. Here's a sneak peak:[youtube


Oh, and hey—catch me at The San Francisco Flower and Garden Show. I'll be speaking at 11am on March 20th all about the behind-the-scenes of the Sunset test garden, and again at Saturday, March 21st, at 2pm, about—you guessed it—growing veggies in containers. Hope to see you there!

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