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Burmese Feast
Several of this quarter's wines pair well with the Burmese feast featured in our 2023 Outdoor Living Issue. Photo by Thomas J. Story.

The wines of the West are an integral part of the lifestyle that we celebrate in our pages—and the Sunset Wine Club is the essence of that mission in a glass. 

We’ve partnered with premier online wine retailer Wine Access to curate the perfect mix of reds and whites to drink every season, produced by top growers and vintners in California, Oregon, Washington, and beyond. Each quarterly shipment is $120.

Even better, the bottles have been selected to go with the recipes and menus in our magazine. Just look for the Sunset Wine Club “Perfect Pairing” sidebar when you’re paging through an issue of Sunset. For our 2023 Summer Living Issue we found a suite of three bottles that all pair well with Burmese barbecue, and three that go with tinned fish, an underrated pantry item that we feel doesn’t just belong on a party tray—it can be the party tray.

Subscribe to the Sunset Wine Club and you’re not just getting wine shipments. You’re getting a taste of the magazine’s featured selections, and the captivating story behind each bottle. It’s an invitation to sit and sip at the Sunset table. Read on for the latest perfect pairings.

Recipes and Wine Pairings for the 2023 Summer Living Issue

Plate of Skewers with Tamarind Sauce
Sweet and Sour Tamarind Sauce, from Ojai’s Dutchess restaurant, goes with most grilled meat.

Thomas J. Story

2021 Delta Pinot Noir; California: Picking up on the balance of sweet, sour, and exotic flavors in the Sweet and Sour Tamarind Sauce featured in an article about Burmese grilling, this Pinot Noir has bold red fruit and a bright, refreshing finish with a touch of spice. 

Recipe: Sweet and Sour Tamarind Sauce

Lamb Kebabs
Lamb Kebabs from Dutchess.

Thomas J. Story

2021 Embroidery Pinot Noir; Monterey County: A richer, spicier style of Pinot Noir to hold up to beef and lamb. Its ripe plum and cola flavors are mirrored by the tamarind, soy, and cumin found in the kebabs, especially when Sweet and Sour Tamarind Sauce is used. 

Recipe: Lamb Kebabs

Beef Satay
Chef Saw Naing’s Beef Satay.

Thomas J. Story

2021 Verraco Syrah; Valle de San Vicente: Earth, smoke, and spice abound in this Syrah with flavors of crushed rocks, tamari, and black pepper. Perfect for the plethora of flavors in the satay and the char from the grill. 

Recipe: Beef Satay

Tinned fish and accoutrements make for a seacuterie board for entertaining by Thomas J. Story
Tinned fish boards are the ultimate on-trend entertaining hack.

Thomas J. Story

2021 Private Property Grenache; Santa Lucia Highlands
: This fruity and fresh Grenache will perfectly contrast rich, smoky fish. Grenache is one of the most popular grapes of Spain, where it can commonly be found served chilled alongside an array of briny tapas such as preserved seafood. 

Pairs with: Just about anything you might include on a platter of conservas—fancy canned fish that we like to refer to as seacuterie.

Tinned Sardine
Sardines and the right Pinot Noir balance each other out.

Thomas J. Story

2021 South Coast Winery Sauvignon Blanc Musque Clone; Temecula Valley: Like a squeeze of lemon as the finishing touch on a seafood dish, this wine adds a refreshing counterpoint to the salt and oil of a fish board. 

Pairs with: Saltier, more pungent types of canned fish. (If you never thought you liked sardines, try them with a bold Pinot.)

Tinned Salmon
Try a Rosé with salmon.

Thomas J. Story

2022 Martin Ray Rosé of Pinot Noir; Russian River Valley: Few wines are as versatile as Rosé, and Pinot Noir is a grape with an affinity for salmon and other meatier fish

Pairs with: the flavorful but less oily and fishy items on a tinned fish tray.

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