Brown Cannon III

How to toss pizza dough

LINDA LAU ANUSASANANAN,  – November 3, 2004

Pizza perfect

The setup

Remove your watch and any rings you’re wearing.

Place the dough slightly off-center on the palm of your throwing hand (generally, if you’re comfortable spinning the dough counterclockwise, use your right hand; for spinning clockwise, use your left).

Make a fist with the other hand, knuckle side up, and place it under the dough, beside your throwing hand, to support the other side.

Hold the dough parallel to the ground, between your waist and chest.

The release

Turn the palm of your throwing hand toward you, then quickly twist your hand outward and up to launch the dough into the air.

Catch the round with both fists, knuckles up.

Toss with fast, deliberate moves; if you’re tentative and slow, the dough will be more likely to flop over or droop.

Don’t get discouraged! In our test kitchen, a little practice produced amazing results (and a lot of laughs).

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