This hearty sandwich sheds meat and cuts fat, not flavor

CHRISTINE WEBER HALE,  – September 17, 2004

Vegetarian Hero Sandwich

Walk into almost any sandwich shop these days and you’ll find that vegetarian options are among the most requested items. Even the hero sandwich, traditionally a nutritional nightmare loaded with high-fat luncheon meats, has been given a face-lift, as many of us make an effort to watch our diet and eat more vegetables.

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This hearty version features layers of marinated artichoke hearts, arugula, roasted red peppers, cucumber, and two kinds of cheese on the crustiest sourdough rolls you can find. Or try creating your own signature hero. Substitute chopped niçoise olives for artichokes, or thinly sliced jicama for cucumber. In spring, add blanched pencil-thin asparagus spears. In summer, use vine-ripened sliced red and yellow tomatoes, basil leaves, and fresh mozzarella instead of red peppers, arugula, and gouda. Let your taste buds and the market be your guide.

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