From kid-friendly meals to adult-only drinks, this month's recipe roundup has a little something for everyone in the family.

While stone fruit season starts at the beginning of summer and bears a few glorious months of ripe fruit, August is when you’ll find the juiciest of the bunch; from peaches to plums, to pluots, you’ll find the most flavorful fruits for pies or jams. Along with all those fruits, your pepper plant is probably about ready for harvest, which leaves tons of room for hot sauces and spicy dips to grace your entrees and apps. 

Now that we’re inspiring a trip to the grocery store or farmers market, stop and take a second to admire the eggplants. This month, you’ll find eggplants that are heavier than they look and that’s how you can tell it’s a good one! Combine your sweet and savory flavors for dinner with a pork chop topped with peaches, or try out a filo-wrapped lamb and bell pepper pie for an indulgent dish. Okra is also making its way onto farmer’s market stands, and chances are if you think you don’t like okra, you probably just haven’t had it prepared correctly! So try making it yourself at home with our recipe for crispy chile-lime okra to serve alongside a baked chicken or juicy steak, or pickle it for a condiment that will last you beyond the season. While you’re getting into pickling, throw some cucumbers and jalapenos in brine as well for a later date.

August also comes offering the sweetest melons as we near the end of their harvest, as well as summer squashes, heirloom tomatoes, and the biggest bundles of basil you’ll see year-round. To help you take advantage of all the perfect produce this month will bring, we’ve gathered our favorite recipes to keep you cooking. Keep scrolling for all of the recipes we’ll be making this August. 

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