Get to know the salts that deserve a permanent spot in your kitchen cabinet

Salt Shaker
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There’s a wide world of salt out there—literally. From Mexico to the Himalayas, salts can very a lot in color, texture, and even in their degree of saltiness. There’ a perfect salt for every cooking need, and below we list a few of our go-to varieties.


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Infused Black Garlic Salt by Jacobsen Salt Co. Use this salt as a finish on roasted fish or root vegetables to add a caramelized garlic flavor.

Black Garlic Salt

Pink Himalayan

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Ancient Ocean Himalayan Pink Salt Fine Grain by SaltWorks This South Asian variety of salt adds flavor and color to salads, avocado toast, and the rim of a cocktail.

Himalayan Pink Salt


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Kosher Grain Jar by True Salt This salt staple is best for brines, pre-seasonings, stocks, soups, and stews.

Kosher Salt

Next-Level Kosher

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Omnivore Salt by Omnivore Salt Meet your weeknight dinner savior. Use the fennel and chile-spiked salt as an elemental rub for grilling and roasting or as a foundation for sauces, soups, and dressings.

Omnivore Salt


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Smoked Hickorywood Fine Grain Sea Salt by San Francisco Salt Co. Add a smoky flavor to potatoes, slow-cooked pork, and nuts and seeds without spending the entire afternoon by the grill.

Smoked Hickory Salt

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