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Sheridan Su, chef-owner of Downtown’s Flock & Fowl, tells us the best reasons to get off the Strip and do your eating in Chinatown when you’re in Las Vegas

Sunset Staff  – September 17, 2019 | Updated October 3, 2019

Las Vegas’ Chinatown is three miles long with more than 100 restaurants packed in and around Spring Mountain Road. It’s a favorite dining destination of Su, the James Beard–nominated chef who serves updated versions of Hainanese chicken rice at his Downtown Las Vegas spot Flock & Fowl. “Chinatown is the official after-work hangout for chefs who work on the Strip,” Su says. “After working a 12- to 14-hour shift, I come here to feed my soul.”

Aburiya Raku

Aburiya Raku’s tofu is the best I have ever had, and I always order an assortment of skewers from their robata list. 

Yunnan Garden

My go-to orders at Yunnan Garden’s deli counter are pig’s ear, sliced beef brisket in chile sauce, and seaweed salad. When I’m dining with friends and family, we order their smoked duck, fish-flavored eggplant, and spicy boiled fish.  

New Asian BBQ

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New Asian BBQ.

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The dim sum includes all the classics and is spot on. At night, the restaurant features great seafood dishes, along with their well-known Cantonese barbecue. 

Space BBQ & Karaoke

The skewers are spiked with dried chiles and cumin. Upon first bite, it immediately takes me back to my travels in China. Their rice noodles with housemade chile oil are fantastic. 

The Golden Tiki

I’ve been consulting for this tiki bar, and it’s like Disneyland for adults. Start strong with a Painkiller and order the Lion’s Head Meatballs or the Voodoo Cha Siu Ribs.