Take advantage of the last (and most ripe) produce of the season with these veggie-based dishes.

Paneer Tikka, Peach, and Mint Skewers
Iain Bagwell

Often vegetarians and vegans get missed on major grilling holidays like Labor Day, but not this year. No more will you or your vegetarian comrades have to endure an under-seasoned portobello “burger” or undressed salad! Take the celebratory spread in to your own hands this year with some easy vegetarian dishes in your arsenal. We’ve gathered all of our favorite easy vegetarian recipes that take advantage of the season’s finest offerings like peaches, herbs, mushrooms, citrus, and more. So enjoy your three-day weekend and let yourself relax a bit by doing very little in the kitchen!

This Labor Day sit back and snack through the day with some of our favorite recipes that require minimal energy (and are packed with veggies). From soups that just need a stir and a blend to dips and sides that come together in under five minutes, we’ve got you covered to stock your fridge with simple and delicious bites. Whether you’re headed to a barbecue or the beach, these sides and mains are great for sharing or solo snacking.

You might get to skip the Sunday Scaries this week with a three-day weekend, but you don’t want to stay up late scrubbing dishes when you could be catching up on sweet sleep or socializing. Whip up a pitcher of something strong and decompress with something simple (and delicious) on your plate. You might even convince some carnivores to start stocking up on more produce and fresh veggies after a bite of a stone fruit-topped burrata toast or spoonful of blood orange sorbet.

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The best part about these recipes is they’re also super easy to transport. Toss them into a container and then a cooler and you can move your hang to the beach, park, or wherever your heart desires. So keep scrolling for all of our favorite lazy day vegetarian sides and mains. 

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