May the froth be with you! We’ve got the exclusive scoop on recipes for two of the delicious, creamy drinks served at Disneyland’s hottest new attraction

Blue Milk
Courtesy of Disneyland Resort

Poor Han Solo. He had to travel to the outer edges of the galaxy to get a refreshing blue beverage. He knew every smuggler’s watering hole between Endor and Hoth, but they tended to be the kind of place you wouldn’t go into without a good blaster by your side—and they were definitely not places suited for younglings.

Here on earth, our options are better. We usually don’t have to go any farther than Disneyland to get a good Tatooine-style cocktail. Oga’s Cantina, at Disney’s wildly popular new Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge attraction, serves spaceport favorites in a more family-friendly environment. At Oga’s, you can get anything Han Solo might have ordered, with a 99% smaller chance of being accosted by a bounty hunter. Or you could–and one day, will again, but the restaurant is temporarily closed due to COVID-19 concerns.

But not to worry: Now you don’t even have to go to Disneyland to enjoy a good jewel-toned tipple. Don’t ask us how—we can neither confirm nor deny that the Jedi Mind Trick was involved—but we’ve managed to procure the recipes for two Oga’s favorites. Enjoy a taste of the planet Batuu without even making the jump to hyperspace.

T-16 Skyhopper

Courtesy of Disneyland Resort

This one packs a punch like a Jawa in a bad mood, but it’s delightfully sweet and creamy.

Recipe: T-16 Skyhopper

Cliff Dweller

Courtesy of Disneyland Resort

This is a good option if you’re the designated speeder driver. Pro tip: We think it tastes twice as good served in a Porg mug.

Porg mug

Recipe: Cliff Dweller