Hugh Garvey

Not that leftover corned beef is actually a problem, but here are a few of our favorite post-St. Patrick’s Day preparations

Hugh Garvey  – March 18, 2020

Greetings from L.A., the land of the anything-goes taco, which in recent days has become the go-to leftovers strategy in my household.

While pasta sells out quickly at my picked-over local market, there tend to be bountiful stacks of corn tortillas, those lovely shelf-stable, calorie-dense vehicles perfect for using up whatever you might have on hand. Today the protein was leftover St. Patrick’s Day corned beef, diced and browned in a pan and garnished with the a cross-cultural amalgam of your classic onion and cilantro for a nod to tradition, slivered half-dried jalapeños, for heat, and, why not, Greek-style pepperoncini for more heat and tangy crunchy counterpoint. Oh yeah, and a nasturtium plucked from my backyard because, well, we need more pretty things in our lives to cheer us up these days. (I might’ve overcomplicated things. A jot of Cholula would probably suffice.)

No tortillas on hand? Try these other easy corned beef recipes, depending on what you’ve got stocked in your pantry. 

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