Bring the quintessential street food to your dinner table with these tasty variations.

Who doesn’t love tacos? Tacos are one of the world’s most versatile foods because here’s the basic recipe: 

Ingredients: Literally anything.

Step 1: Find something round

Step 2: Put anything you want inside it. 

Step 3: Enjoy.

Looking for something more specific? We’ve rounded up nearly a dozen of our favorite taco recipes. Of course, they’re merely guidelines, because you really can put just about anything edible inside a taco. But give a few of these recipes a try, and then tweak according to your taste. 

There’s something for everyone here, from the carnivore to the pescatarian to the vegan. Feeding a near-Neanderthal? We’ve got recipes for both beef and lamb tacos, as well as carnitas. There are chicken tacos, and for the seafood lover, our go-to fish taco recipe. Even vegans can get in on the game, with this tofu taco recipe—just skip the optional sour cream garnish. These tacos, with their solid chunks of marinated tofu, have plenty of flavor without it and could easily win over an omnivore.

We find that our taco recipes get a lot of attention around Cinco de Mayo. We love that, but you don’t have to save any of these recipes for a special occasion. They’re all tasty enough for company, but easy enough to make that they are good for casual taco Tuesday, too. (And by “Tuesday,” we actually mean any day of the week, because that’s how much we love tacos.) So cook up a batch of these crowd-pleasing treats any time you’re in the mood—tacos are always the right answer.

Favorite Taco Recipes

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