The best corned beef and cabbage ever, plus sides from a party master

Elaine Johnson  –  March 2, 2021

You could say my husband, Patrick McEvoy, knows his corned beef and cabbage. For decades he’s been cooking up his specialty every March 17 for 100 friends or more. Maybe it’s his Irish-American heritage that makes the dish come out perfectly spiced and succulent every time, or maybe it’s the Guinness that goes in the pots. Whatever the reason, our annual party rocks, and this dish is the star.

Not everyone wants to cook for 100, of course, so I’ve scaled Patrick’s recipe to serve a mere dozen. However many you host, be sure to queue the Irish music and ice down the beer for Half-and-Halfs (equal parts Guinness stout and Harp lager). Sláinte!

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