The best corned beef and cabbage ever, plus sides from a party master.

These Classic Irish Recipes Are Perfect for a Festive St. Patrick’s Day Feast

This collection of St. Patrick’s Day recipes has a double stamp of authenticity as far as we’re concerned. We know chef Patrick McEvoy to be a proud Irish-American whose huge St. Patrick’s Day parties were the stuff of legend pre-pandemic. As if that’s not credential enough, he’s also married to former Sunset food editor Elaine Johnson. So you can count on these recipes being not just authentic, but fabulously tasty, as well.

These recipes were originally scaled for 12; even that may seem like a lot of people these days. But then again, corned beef leftovers never hurt anyone. (And we frankly don’t think there will be a lot of shortbread left over—any not eaten on the 17th will go home in guests’ pockets.)

Here, by the way, is what Elaine had to say about these dishes when the recipes were first published in 2018:

“You could say my husband, Patrick McEvoy, knows his corned beef and cabbage. For decades he’s been cooking up his specialty every March 17 for 100 friends or more. Maybe it’s his Irish-American heritage that makes the dish come out perfectly spiced and succulent every time, or maybe it’s the Guinness that goes in the pots. Whatever the reason, our annual party rocks, and this dish is the star.”

“Not everyone wants to cook for 100, of course, so I’ve scaled Patrick’s recipe to serve a mere dozen. However many you host, be sure to queue the Irish music and ice down the beer for Half-and-Halfs (equal parts Guinness stout and Harp lager). Sláinte!”

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